Microlink FAQs

Parlour now offers the Metowi Method for microlink installations! This method has proven to be one of the most natural and versatile techniques in the industry, and allows your hair to be treated consistently throughout the duration. of your install.

Pre-Consultation FAQs

The following frequently asked questions should help you determine whether you are interested in micro links, and whether you are indeed a candidate for the Metowi Method. If you are still interested once you’ve read through them, visit my Booking and Salon Etiquette page to request a consultation.

Q: How much do micro links cost?

A: Pricing is determined during your consultation as there are many factors to consider. We do a full work-up so you know exactly what’s expected before you leave.

Q: Can I get micro links with natural hair?

A: Absolutely. This service is recommended for fine to medium natural hair.

Q: Do I receive a service at my consultation or do we just talk?

A: The consultation includes a shampoo, blow-dry, hydration steam treatment, hair cut/trim, and we also do a texture match to determine which hair is most appropriate for you.

Q: How long does my hair have to be?

A: It should be at least 4 inches from roots to ends throughout your entire head.

Q: How are they installed?

A: They are installed using wefts but there is no braiding or sewing.

Q: How long does the install last?

A: 12 weeks. You will be required to come in every 2 weeks for maintenance.

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