Parlour Testimonials

Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of your journey!

“I just love that she diagnoses hair based on its needs so that you are well-informed and performs services that benefit the HEALTH of the hair. That makes her more than just a mere “stylist” – she is a PARTNER and trusted professional on your hair journey.”

Shayna B.

“Very satisfied with my experience. She was punctual and kind. From the moment I sat in her chair I felt like I was in good hands and my hair turned out amazing. My thick, curly hair turns fine when it’s straightened and sometimes stylists judge my hair & choose products based on how course my curls are rather than how fine the end result will be. Lenise understood my textures and did amazing.”

Briaunna A.

“I’ve been following Lenise for years on social media and was honored to have finally had my hair styled by her! Lenise promotes hair education, meaning she keeps me informed with healthy hair tips instead of the trendy fads that don’t necessarily promote health. I highly recommend her as I travel a couple hours for the great service, value, and punctuality!”

Kelia H.

“Lenise is just excellent. She takes very good care of my natural hair. She is professional, courteous, and provides great customer service. She is a good steward of my time – on time appointments, online booking. I highly recommend this salon.”

Michelle A.

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